Sunday, 4 September 2016

POSTGRES - Change money field to Integer....

So, we had a table with a money field when all of a sudden we realised that it would make a lot more sense for the amount to be expressed in cents instead of in dollars.

$ 1234.56 would now become 123456

I am sure that there is a far better way to do this but - I am an occasional DB admin and so I figured that I needed to

  1. Convert dollars to cents
  2. Convert Money to Integer
#1 was easy : update bills set amount=amount*10;

#2 was a bit more tricky. Very hard to convert Money to Int.

amount::varchar does, however, yield a string so

Create a new int column:

Alter table bills add column iamount int;

Then copy the correct amount into it:

update bills set iamount =


Then drop the old column and rename the new....

alter table bills drop column amount;
alter table bills rename column iamount to amount;

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