Saturday, 25 August 2012

New courses

We will be offering a range of classes in the next few weeks depending on demand....

- our basic class

More Fun with Arduinos 
- introduces interrupts, timers, servos, seven segment LED as a programming example.....

Communicating with the Arduino
- shows how to interface LCD and Keypad to the Arduino

And we intend to have our first class showing the Arduino with Ethernet shield 
(i.e. Ethernet and SD card)

Check CURICA for details.
GeekCampSG 2012 has come and gone. Not fantastic timing - on the last day of Ramadan - leaving me to prepare notes in the middle of the night - while travelling etc. But for some reason, people seemed to like the talk entitled Hardware is not Boring where I used an Arduino to control the speed of toy racing cars in response to commands sent from mobile phones.

You can find the slides on SpeakerDeck

The video is missing - as is one other slide which did not get included for some reason.... but the essence is there.

The demo did not go as smoothly as hoped - they never do. I should not have used the Scalextric Micro - the cars have magnets that make them hard to move.
When I tried it on the full sized Scalextric later it went like a dream. It also managed to power little Ali's Thomas the Tank Engine as well.

For once I finished in record time - so I finished up showing something I had hacked together half an hour before - using an Arduino Leonardo and a 3D Accelerometer to work as a mouse.

We are looking at having Arduino classes again soon at Hackerspace SG. Please check  either at Hackerspace,  on Curica or back here for details