Monday, 24 October 2016

VS Code for GO - get a function list

I have been using VS Code to design my GO code ever since my last MacBook died of caffeine poisoning (don't ask).

I had been using UltraEdit since 1998 and had found nothing that really changed my mind but I had been exploring VS Code for Ethereum work.

The new MacBook was supposed to be a temporary fix but four months on and no sign of the old MacBook back, it is looking quite permanent now.

So -what do I like about it? A lot. And I am learning more every day.

Today's tip

UltraEdit used to have the option of showing a list of functions in a separate pane. I could not find this in VS Code. Here is how to do it.

Cmd+P pops up the action entry box

Type a '@' in this box and you get a list of the imports, variables, functions etc. in your current file.

Selecting one of these takes you to the correct place in the file.