Sunday, 1 April 2012

I couldn't help it…..

The processing class was great.

It all started with a piece of paper….

We had three people signed up - one couldn't make it - but in a way that made it even more fun.

Hackerspace SG processing class
left -> right : Zul (far left), Kit Sunde and Bjorn Andersson

Kit & Bjorn were great - they got all the demos working and we got through all the material in record time which gave us time to go into "workshop mode"….

We took the last tutorial and started turning it into a game……

Then over the weekend I was stuck with a really lousy internet connection so I started adding music and a final image to it. You can see the results on the ioblocks site

It may never win the world gaming awards but it was fun…. 

Thanks to Kit and Bjorn - and for Zul for both being a better lecturer than me and for turning my crazy ideas into a decent lesson plan and notes :-)


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